Basil Wolverton's comic magazine features appeared in regular format comic books between 1938 and 1954. The most popular of these were Spacehawk and Powerhouse Pepper. His comic book work alone totals more than 1,300 pages. Additionally, there is his work for Mad and other humor magazines. His work appeared in publications as diverse as Life, Pageant, Outboard, Cracked, Plop and Famous Monsters of Filmland. Then there is his advertising work, his caricatures and his greeting card and novelty products. And then there are his apocalyptic and biblical illustrations and writings, comprising more than 1,200 pages. Wolverton was elected to the Will Eisner Hall of Fame in 2000, in recognition of his lifelong contributions to to the industry. He was also inducted into the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1991.

C lick on the audio player below for a great interview with Monte Wolverton on Bob Andelman's Mr. Media webcast -- about the Wolverton Bible and Basil Wolverton's work in general.